Tobin Building

The general contractor, Metropolitan Contracting Company, specified concrete cutting as the method to perform the job, because it was non-invasive and did not compromise the structural integrity of the 60-year-old building. The roof opening was shored from below prior to being cut with the flat saw. We also performed the rigging and removal on this job. READ PUBLICATION

Medina Dam Testing

The contractor, URS Corporation, needed five holes drilled 20 feet apart and 100 feet inside the tunnel to place the piezometers that were part of the analysis they were hired to do on the Medina dam. The biggest challenge for our team was working in a confined space with no headroom. However, we were able to complete the project ahead of schedule. READ PUBLICATION

Heritage Business Park

We received a request from Kopplow Construction Company to do a detail of a decorative pattern to be cut in a concrete slab. At first glance it appeared to be a standard decorative sawing job, but after taking a closer look at the drawing, the project was more elaborate since it involved radius sawing. At the end our team was able to pull it off with proficiency. READ PUBLICATION

IH-10 Restoration

We were awarded the contract by the State of Texas through a drilling contest to determine which contractor dirll a 3-1/2 inch by 22-foot deep hole in the least amount of time. Concrete cutting was specified for this job because the pier caps could not handle any other vibration and because it was the only method to penetrate the surface. READ PUBLICATION