In 1977 George Major Sr. saw a niche that was not being filled in the San Antonio construction market. That niche was concrete sawing and drilling. So with one truck a few pieces of equipment and a strong determination, George Sr. moved to San Antonio and put his 13 years of experience to work developing this market.

At that time the concrete sawing and drilling industry was in its infancy. Not many people had heard of cutting concrete with diamond tools, and those that had were trying to do it themselves. On more than one occasion George was told that his type of service was not needed in San Antonio. Today those people are some of our best and most loyal customers.

Since 1977 Holes of San Antonio has grown to be the largest locally owned company of its kind in south central Texas. Holes currently runs 16 trucks and services in San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, Del Rio, Corpus Christi, and the Valley. One of the keys to the success of Holes of San Antonio is well trained operators with a sound grasp of the fundamentals of concrete cutting. George Sr. realized this in the beginning and it has been a mainstay of our operations ever since.

Today, through the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA), Holes of San Antonio has its operators with three or more years of experience go through the college accredited courses and receive their Certification. Once they receive their Certification they become part of the Holes training team. This team puts on training sessions for the rest of the company on a regular basis in order to keep our operators on top of their trade. Well-trained operators is the key to good customer service.